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What Makes Us Different

About Applied Pressure Services

Applied Pressure Services was found on the principles of providing quality, trustworthy and dependable service to our customers. With over 15 years combined experience in both pressure washing and mechanical installation we have obtained extensive knowledge on not only the cosmetics of your property but also the core workings behind the scenes. With our attention to detail and focus on customer needs we are sure to leave you with results that shine.


Applied Pressure Services goal is to ensure your residential and commercial property maintain exceptional appearance. Applied Pressure Services is a power washing service company located in Fort Worth, Texas with expertise in pressure washing, kitchen hood exhaust system cleaning, mold/mildew removal, gutter cleaning, house washing, rust and hard stain removal, and soft roof washing. Throughout our years in business we have helped residential and commercial property owners improve the visual and structural appeal of their buildings within the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Today we have grown to be a renowned pressure washing service provider within the metro area. As a pressure washing service business we are passionate about rewarding our customers with timely, quality, and dependable service. Although many may think that renting a pressure washer and committing their weekend to self cleaning would be easier and cheaper than hiring a professional, the truth is as with everything there is a process and industry techniques to ensure the job gets done right. Our team has invested in many hours of training and research to deliver you professional results. We handle all sorts of residential and commercial exterior cleaning projects from soft house washing to commercial exterior dumpster pad cleanings. We have worked on various projects for customers looking for great work and competitive rates.


What do we do differently?

  • We use high performance commercial grade power washing equipment fitted with high and low washing capabilities, deep cleanse features and hot and cold water wash options.

  • We value every job we get, focus on our customers unique needs and ensure that we leave each customer with happy experiences and maximum satisfaction.

  • We provide free, fast, and zero hassle cleaning quotes.

  • We are available to work as needed, and we flexibly align our services to fit into our customers busy schedules.

  • Our cleaning activities are dual focused. Not only do we focus on cleaning, we also work to restore exteriors to their original face value as best as possible.

  • We show a high level of care and detail in every cleaning project we manage.

  • We have a committed and experienced team who understand what our company stands for and have what it takes to deliver exceptionally well on every job.

  • We have experience cleaning single level and multi level residential and commercial properties.


As a market leader for pressure washing, kitchen hood exhaust system cleaning, rust & hard stain removal, and mold removal services within the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we understand that cleaning goes beyond just a quick splash of water and that's what separates us from other service providers. Our professionalism and commitment are the reasons why our customers have come to depend on us for reliable and efficient pressure washing services. While our job is to clean, restore, and ensure nothing gets damaged in the process. Our overall objective as a pressure washing service company is to ensure that our customers get the best value possible.

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They were here at the time that was set and did an excellent job on my house, driveway, and walkway. I couldn't be more pleased. I will definitely be using Applied Pressure svc again.


Belinda R. in Burleson


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