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  • Can Applied Pressure Svc. clean my place of business overnight?
    Yes, we understand your place of business can be busy during business hours. The Applied Pressure Svc. team is here to accomodate your needs day or night.
  • Is Applied Pressure Svc. licensed and insured?
    Yes, Applied Pressure Services is licensed with the state of Texas and carries a $2,000,000 insurance policy to insure your property is in good hands.
  • Will my landscaping be safe from cleaning solutions?
    All necessary precautions are taken to insure your plants and landscaping are not damaged in our cleaning process.
  • Do I need to be home during my cleaning?
    No, if you are not going to be home we ask that you inform us prior to cleaning. Please make sure all windows and doors are closed and all areas to be cleaned are accessible.
  • How often do my gutters need to be cleaned?
    This depends on the number of trees in your area and how frequently leaves fill up your gutters. You'll need a professional to assess the risk and recommend a cleaning plan that will work for your location and risk level but the general rule of thumb is twice a year.
  • How much does kitchen exhaust system cleaning cost?
    The cost of a kitchen exhaust system cleaning can vary depending on various factors such as the size of the system, the level of grease build up, and the accessibility of the components. Give us a call today for your free inspection and no obligation quote.
  • How often should a kitchen exhaust system be cleaned?
    The frequency of kitchen exhaust system cleanings depends on many factors, including the type of equipment being used, the volume of cooking, and the fuel sources being used. Refer to NFPA 96 section 11.4 for restaurant specific cleaning requirements.
  • Is Applied Pressure Services certified to perform kitchen exhaust system cleanings?
    Yes, and when it comes to your kitchen exhaust system, it is crucial to trust a certified company like Applied Pressure Services. Many companies in the industry lack the proper certification to perform kitchen exhaust system cleanings. In case of any incidents your insurance provider will require proof that your restaurant has been utilizing a certified and licensed service provider. Don't put your company at risk.
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